if i lived in this hotel room id never sleep because the view is so amazing

or because there is so much light outside and the level of luminic contamitation is so high, you cannot sleep

nah i went to sleep after i posted this

this is so sick, thank you!!

Caraphernelia by Pierce the Veil

Track list1. All Time Low – “If You Can’t Hang” (originally performed by Sleeping with Sirens)2. Bring Me The Horizon – “Morte et Dabo” (originally performed by Asking Alexandria)3. Pierce the Veil – “Dance, Dance” (originally performed by Fall Out Boy)4. Of Mice & Men – “Been There, Done That” (originally performed by Memphis May Fire)5. Asking Alexandria – “The Depths” (originally performed by Of Mice & Men)6. Forever the Sickest Kids – “Have Faith In Me” (originally performed by A Day to Remember)7. Sleeping with Sirens – “Into Your Arms” (originally performed by The Maine)8. The Maine – “Hey Brittany” (originally performed by Forever the Sickest Kids)9. A Day to Remember – “Bulletproof Love” (originally performed by Pierce the Veil)10. Mayday Parade – “Lullabies” (originally performed by All Time Low)11. Fall Out Boy – “Sleepwalking” (originally performed by Bring Me The Horizon)12. Memphis May Fire – “Jamie All Over” (originally performed by Mayday Parade)

This is the greatest gif ever!

Pierce The Veil - Caraphernelia